Workshops: Korean Wedding Dance & more!

Title: Workshops for Traditional Wedding Dance & Jinseo Chum
Free Admission
When: May 8, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Studio 5C, Canada’s National Ballet School

Title: CIBC Asian Heritage Event
Korean Fan Dance Performance
When: May 15, 2014 at 5-7:00pm
Venue: 199 Bay street, Commence Court West, 56th Floor

KDSSC performances in 2013
In November & December, Creative Residencey by Ryu Arts Company (South Korea) & K-dance Revolution Performance
In August, K-dance Appreciation Day, Toronto Centre for the Arts’ Open House Performance
May 7-9 & November, Intensive Korean Dance Workshop: Jin-seo Chum (a small gong dance; also known as kwoenggwari) at Korean Culture Centre & Canada’s National Ballet School
May 5-6, 2013 Symposium on Korean Dance & Networking Dinner
May 6, Korean Dance Performance at Toronto Centre for the Arts. We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Canadian Councils for the Arts, and the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.
Mar. 26 –SogoChum Performance at “daytime toronto” @ Rogers TV by the showhost Val Cole

KDSSC performances in 2012
Jan. 17–Opening Gala for 50 Years Korea-Canada Friendship Event at Ottawa Convention Centre.
Feb. 1–Yeon Shik Park’s 8 Round- National School of Ballet
Mar. 12–Two Workshops York University
Mar. –Performance for Food Network TV show
Apr. 7–Children’s class performance
Apr. 28–Volunteer performance at Senior Health Centre. Our strong volunteer commitment which allows the company to offer a variety of activities and increases the occasions to promote Korean culture
Apr. 30–Symposium on Korean Dance & Networking Dinner
May 4–Asian Heritage Month Opening Gala & Display
May 26–Asian Heritage Month Family Day -Sogochum workshop
June–Toronto Art Foundation Award Luncheon –Mi Young Kim
Aug.15–Children’s class performed at Korean Cultural Centre (Korean National Liberation day)
Sep.15-16–Korean Moon Festival
Sep. 29–Culture Day Open House 11:00am – 12:30pm
Nov. 3–Mon Sheon Foundation –Cathay Ball 2012 :An Evening in Seoul (Korea Night Fundraising Event) at Metro Convention Centre
Nov.4-7–Soo Ryu Dance Festival: Opening at KCC; Performances at P.C.Ho Theatre; Closing event at National Ballet School 7th
Nov. 9–SoggoChum Workshop at York University: instructor – Mi Sook Song
Nov. 9-18–Foreign Artists in Residency Program & Workshops: SoggoChum (Instructor Jin Mi Park) & ChukWonMu (Instructor Mi Sook Song)

KDSSC performances in 2011
Feb. 4–Lunar New Year Celebration at McKee Public School
Feb. 23 & 25–2011 CanAsian International Dance Festival
Mar. 5–Arirang Gala
May 31–KDSSC’s Fundraising Gala 2011
Jul. 30–Fiesta ng Kalayaan (celebration of the Philippines’ Independence)
Aug. 13–Fortune Cooking Festival
Aug. 28–CNE
Oct. 1–Culture Days Open House
Nov 15–60 Years of Rhythm and Movement–Mi Young Kim’s Celebration Performance

3rd Edition of Mi Young Kim Dance Company Performance (November 15, 2011.)
“60 Years of Rhythm and Movement–Mi Young Kim’s Celebration Performance”
To celebrate, Korean-Canadian cultural pioneer/artistic director Mi Young Kim’s 60th anniversary as a professional dancer, the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada put on the most elaborate production in its history, “60 Years of Rhythm & Movement,” to highlight Kim’s career and to showcase a range of traditional and contemporary Korean dance.

Mi Young Kim and her company performed the best pieces in their personal and company repertoire. There were the premier of “Byeong Pung/Unfolding Screen,” a graceful court dance plus an exhilarating drum dance medley.

Guest performers: Sampradaya Dance Creation, York Dance Ensemble, Keiko Kitano, Kozakura Sensui, Samulnori Canada

Other KDSSC performances in 2010
Jan. 1 –Lieutenant Governor’s new year reception
Jan. 22 –Senior Health Centre
Feb. 12 & 13–Family Fun Day 2010 workshop and performance
Mar. 11 –Richmond Hill Leisure World
Apr. 25 –Spring Dance Recital
May 2 –International Dance Day at Dundas Square
May 21&22 –Korean Food Products & Beverages Exhibition
May 31 –Asian Heritage Month Closing Event at the Ministry of Attorney General
Jun. 12 & 13–Canadian International Military Tatoo
Aug. 22 –Fortune Cooking Festival
Aug. 29 –CNE
Sep. 24 & 26–Culture Days open house
Oct. 30 –Super Wave Korea!
Nov. 6 –Korean Heritage Day at the Royal Ontario Museum
Dec. 11 –TXPO 2010 at Markham Fair Ground

2010 Soo Ryu Dance Festival–Woon Ryuk (November 19 to 21, 2010.)
Woon Ryuk literally means “cloud power.” It is a metaphor for collecting all the individuals’ power to create a larger, earth-shaking force. In this year’s Soo Ryu Dance Festival, we celebrate the power of the people and their spiritual connections with the earth.

Guest performers include: Zab Maboungou (Montreal), Norma Araiza, Peter Chin, Jeffrey Chan, Keiko Kitano and Jack Shi from the Little Pear Garden Collective, the Mi Young Kim Dance Company and Hun Kyu Park (South Korea).

2nd Edition of the Mi Young Kim Dance Company Performance (January 8 and 9, 2010.)
The Thundering Roar–from the arirangs of our lives
Presenting the world premiere of “Crossing”–a new collaborative work by Mi Young Kim and Sashar Zarif inspired by the shamanistic cultures of Korea and the Middle East. The show offered a number of contemporary Korean dances and experimental works, with special appearance by b-boys from the Hip Hop Symphony.

KDSSC performances in 2009
Jan. 25 —Dance Weekend 2009
Mar 01. —Krima with Maxine Heppner and 100 artists. (10 hrs 3 shows, 100 audience)
Mar. 21 —Arirang Gala–fundraising dinner organized by the Korean-Canadian Women’s Association
Mar. 29 —Open house for International Dance Day
Apr. 26 —International Dance Day Celebration at Dundas Square and Spring Dance Recital, w/ guest performaners from Sun Young Park Dance School, Korea
May 2 —Brockville Multicultural Festival
May 23 —Canadian Expression Heritage Conference Gala
July 1 —Canada Day Celebration at Dundas Square
July 17 —Asian Community Games at York University
Oct. 11 —David Zimmer Willowdale Harvest Festival
Nov. 11 —Special Remembrance Day Performance and Workshop, featuring the Yeong San Jae Ceremony conducted by Buddhist monks from Bong Won Temple, Korea
Nov. 13 —Rose of Sharon fundraising dinner

Eui-Sik Mu, SooRyu Dance Festival (5th Edition), Enwave Theatre, 2008
Mi Young Kim’s newly choreographed piece, “Shim Chung”, tells the story of one daughter’s utmost devotion to her blind father, Shim Hak Kyu. The Yeongsanjae Ceremony is performed by the Bongwon Temple Monks (Okcheon Buddhist Music College), where the ceremony is a symbolic reenactment of Buddha’s Lotus Sutra address on Mount Grdhrakuta (Republic of Korea Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 50). The Korean Monks developed Buddha’s words into an elaborate ritual event lasting three days.

Guest artists: Bongwon Temple Monks, Tribal Crackling Wind, Sashar Zarif, Fujiwara Dance Inventions.

Kaksori, Mi Young Kim Dance Company Performance (1st Edition), Premier Dance Theatre, 2007
The presentation of a newly choreographed piece, “Kaksori”, describing the ingenious aspect of human nature in modest Korean people and traditional rhythm. The piece is meant to inspire both young and old generations and draw them closer together in a harmonious community.

Guest artists: Samulnori Canada, Sekma.

Historic Story, SooRyu Dance Festival (4th Edition), Premier Dance Theatre, 2006
“Dae Jang Geum!” is based on a TV mini series and is the story of a real historical figure, Jang-geum, who was the first and only woman to serve as head physician to the king in the rigidly hierarchical and male-dominated social structure of the Joseon Dynasty in Korean history – an opportunity for Canada to experience Korean culture.

Guest artists: Ballet Espressivo, Toronto Chinese Dance Company, GuiRhan Choi – HeeRin Kim, Sensui Kozakura III, Chinese Art of Dance, Jin Soho Kim and Chris Baek, Hedy Minten, Rina Singha, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Sampradaya Dance Creations, Little Pear Garden Collective (special guest Ling He), Zenprairie Danse.

Roots Revitalized, SooRyu Dance Festival (3rd Edition), Premier Dance Theatre, 2005
A journey through one’s inner mind as one tries to rediscover one’s roots. The journey takes us through feelings of fear, despair, emptiness, and finally rejoicing as one reaches rediscovery.

Guest artists: Sensui Kozakura III, Kari Alba “La Aceitunita”, The Little Pear Garden Collective, GuiRhan Choi, Santee Smith, DanceImmersion, Gunaseelan Dance Company, HeeRin Kim, Jeffrey Chan, Newton Moraes Dance Company, Fragments Libres Danse (Montreal), Yves Candau, Art of Dance Academy, Sukalyan & Entourage.

Legendary Tales, SooRyu Dance Festival (2nd Edition), Premier Dance Theatre, 2004
Dance as a means of expressing legendary tales from various cultures, placing these tales in a different and renewed perspective – the audience has a rare opportunity to observe a range of different cultures, all under one roof.

Guest artists: Keiko Kitano, Martine Viale and Marinte Crispo, Toronto Chinese Dance Company, Miki Nishida, Little Pear Garden Collective, Nur Intan Murtadza, Wiryawan Padmonojati, Yves Candau, Jeffrey Chan, Chen Gong, Gunaseelan Dance Company, Chung Hye Seong, Nam Joo Yeun, Kim Mi Lim, Han Ye Jin, Menaka Thakkar Dance Company, Denise Fujiwara, Keiko Ninomiya, Masumi Sato, Sensui Kozakura II.

Symbiosis, SooRyu Dance Festival (1st Edition), Betty Oliphant Theatre, 2003
Celebrating harmony of light, sound and movement.

The festival features a wide roster of renowned guest artists with the overall goal for audiences to experience something unique and exciting, to enrich diversity and multiculturalism, and to offer networking opportunities for the benefit of all artists.

Guest artists: Jin Xian Hua, Wu Ming Dance Project, Jung Ae Noh, Huang Xian Zi, William Lau, Emily Cheung, J. Dance, The Canadian Chinese Folk Dance Institute, Kozakura Sensui, Zab Maboungou, Dominic Donkor.

Dance as a Ritual, Korean Culture Centre, 2002
A showcase of ritualistic dance from around the world and marking the root beginnings of the SooRyu Dance Festival.

Other participating artists: Sukalyan Bhattacharya, Norma Araiza, Teyjah Dahnijinige, Rosaline Fong Wan Kam, Sensui Kozakura, Jin A Kim, Huan Xian Xi, Zab Maboungou, Dominic Kofi Donkor (Quebec), Hyun Ju Lee, Dool Rye Won.

Celebrating Choom 50 Years, Korean Culture Centre, 2001
Marking 50 years of professional dance achievement for Mi Young Kim with the hope that Korean performing arts remain an integral part of Canada’s vibrant culture.

Guest artists: Kozakura Sensui, William Lau, Hong Chul Wha, Kum Sil Lee.

Shin Myung: Shaking the spirits, Korean Culture Centre, 2000
The KDSSC presents Mi Young Kim’s newly choreographed work as KoCa (‘Ko’ for Korea and ‘Ca’ for Canada), inspired by the mask dances with Samul instruments of Korea.

Guest artists: Kozakura Sensui, Ruo-Chun Nie, Hong Chul Hwa.

Millennium Cheer, Fairview Library Theatre, 1999
Celebrating the new millennium with the universal language of dance.

Guest artists: Kozakura Sensui, Ruo-Chun Nie.

We Are One, Ford Centre for the Performing Arts (Studio Theatre), 1998
A dearest wish for unification of Koreans and harmony of the world through Korean dance performance.

Guest artists: Ruo-Chun Nie, Nan-sook Chung, Soo-jung Kwon.

Dance of Soul, 1997
Korean dance performance celebrating 45 years of Mi Young Kim’s professional dance career.