2018 Culture days

Learn Modeum-buk, the Sound of Korea

As part of the featured events for the Culture Days in Ontario, the Korean Dance Studies Society Company (KDSSC) offers a free learning experience of Modeum-buk, a Korean traditional drumming exhibition. Modeum-buk literally means “a set of drums.” The drums are typically placed horizontally on wooden stands and played with sticks. The sound of modeum-buk symbolizes the cry of the land. In modeum-buk exhibitions, powerful drumming beats are harmonized with various rhythmic patterns, creating an acoustic representation of the ever changing nature of the Universe. The learning session is primarily designed to be a stepping stone to more advanced Korean musical experiences. It will be a great opportunity for the participants to experience Korean traditional acoustic music and develop their interests in it afterwards.

The session will take place on September 29, from 11AM to 12:30PM, at KDSSC Studio (1133 Leslie St, North York).

Free admission to everyone. Please sign up via email ([email protected])