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The summer intensive program consists of 10 classes focused on specific skills or work. For example, students will engage in one of three instruments : Seol Jang-go (Seol-jang-go rhythm or min-yo-jang-go), Seol Janggo dance, O-go-mu.

The aim of this program is to allow students to gain the basic skills necessary in a focused area of Korean dance with the option to engage in more in-depth studies in the future.

Summer Intensive Program

KDSSC offers Korean Dance and Music Program via Soo Ryu Dance School this summer !

2018 Soo Ryu Dance School’s Summer Intensive Program for Dance Professionals
When: (1st session) July 2 ~ 13, 2018, (2nd session) August 13 ~ 24, 2018
Class 1 (10:00am-1:00pm): Seol Janggo (Primary focus on Janggo (hourglass-shaped drum) rhythm solo – major components of Korean farmer’s music)
Class 2 (4:30-6:00pm): Seol Janggo dance (advanced Janggo dance)
Class 3: O-go-mu (five-drum dance) (time -TBA) and other private Korean dance programs available (plus making a choreographic work)
Where: KDSSC Studio, 1133 Leslie St., Toronto (Korean Culture Centre)
Registration and questions: 416-443-9329 [email protected], www.koreandance.net, www.facebook.com/kdssc

> private & General Class is on Going Program

2018 수류무용학교 전문인양성을 위한 여름특강안내
언제: (제 1차) 7월 2일 ~ 7월 13일, (제 2차) 8월 13일 ~ 8월 24일
과목 1 (오전10시-1시): 설장고 (농악장단의 가장 중요한 가락들로 구성하여 혼자서 연주하는 장고장단)
과목 2 (오후 4시30분-6시): 설장고춤 (장고장단을 이수한 사람을 위한 설장고 춤)
과목 3: 오고무 (5개의 북을 장단과 어우러져 추는 춤) 와 개인지도 형식으로 다른 다양한 한국 음악/무용 과목들 수강 가능
장소: 1133 Leslie St 토론토 한인회관내 무용실
등록 문의: 416-443-9329 [email protected], 카나다한국무용연구회 www.koreandance.net, www.facebook.com/kdssc

Class Contents: students choose one musical instrument from the list depending on their skills
– Basic Steps of Korean Dance
– Folk Dance & Music: Rhythm & Beats
– Korean Traditional Percussion: Seol-Janggo
– Seol Janggo dance : Dance with Janggo, hourglass-shaped drum
– Ogomu: Dance with five drums
– BeobGo: Dance with a solo rounded drum

Each student may have a unique training schedule, thus please contact Artistic Director, Mi Young Kim at 416-443-93294, 647-403-7653, [email protected]

* Advanced Classes are geared towards training teachers
* Private Classes are available upon request
* Class schedule is subject to change and classes may be cancelled if a minimum number of registrations are not met.

> 작품개인 지도와 일반 프로그램은 현재 진행중