Professional Training Program

Part of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s National Arts Training Fund Program and also supported by the Ontario Arts Council, KDSSC’s Professional Training Program prepares students in a career in researching, performing and teaching dance.

Under head instructor, Mi Young Kim, students is trained in all the different variations within Korean dance and several styles of drumming. They will also work in contemporary styles and fusion dance. There are optional workshops in various dance styles throughout the year.

Students will learn basic technique and rhythms plus classic Korean repertoire pieces. They gain experience through performances and participating as well as assisting in workshops. As dancers progress, the level of difficulty increases. When the student has learned enough to perform a solo version of the piece well, a certificate will be given to recognize mastery of that particular skill.

Professional dances include: buchaechum (fan dance), salp’uri, changgochum (hour–glass drum dance), ogomu (five drum dance), seungmu (monk’s dance), and shaman dance.

Registration for the 2015–16 Training Program is due by September 21 (early birds by September 14) Click here for our online registration.

Auditions for the Professional Training Program at the Soo Ryu School of Dance and Drum
The School holds two open auditions for the the Professional Training Program 2015–2016. Students are always welcome to continue improving their technical skills during the program.

Date for Auditions for the 2015/16 program at the KDSSC’s studio
1st audition: August 8, 2015
2nd audition: February 2, 2016

Please click here for more information on KDSSC’s studio. or please feel to contact us: [email protected], 416–443–9329.

The School of Soo Ryu Dance and Drum provides professional training program to professional dance students. The School of Soo Ryu Dance and Drum at KDSSC is the only school in Canada to offer Korean traditional dance and drum training funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s National Arts Training Fund Program. Click here for more information on Professional Training Program, or all classes at Soo Ryu School of Dance and Drum.

NEW! Soo Ryu School of Dance & Drum Scholarship Program
To encourage the development of Korean dance in Canada and to provide equal access to professional dance training, artistic director Mi Young Kim has founded a new scholarship program for young people.

Requirement: Young men and women between the age of 17 and 25 with minimum 3 years of dance training.

We congratulate Seong Hwa Yang as recipient of the 2012 Soo Ryu School of Dance & Drum Scholarship!

NEW! Further Study for Dance Professionals and Professional Training Students
This is a flexible, personalized plan to learn new skills to further develop a dancer’s performance, whether in Korean aesthetics, technique or music. Students can join at any time and design own 30 hour–long study plan based on skills and needs.

Candidates must be a professional dancer according to Canada Council for the Art’s definition or currently enrolled in a professional dance training program.

Please submit a CV and proposal for consideration.