Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada

The Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada (KDSSC) is a charitable organization in Toronto founded by Mi Young Kim, the artistic director. The KDSSC is a creative dance organization that collaborates across cultures and generations while honouring Korean tradition and culture.

Artistic director Mi Young Kim is the first Canadian professional Korean dancer, a pioneer and the leading authority on Korean dance. She immigrated to Canada in 1979 and started the Mi Young Kim Korean Folk Dance Institute. As the institute grew, it became the Korean Dance Studies Society Canada (KDSSC) in 1987. In order to promote Korean dance and the growth of culturally specific dance in general, there are 3 parts to KDSSC: the Soo Ryu School of Dance & Drum, the Mi Young Kim Dance Company and the Soo Ryu Dance Festival.

Ontario Heritage Award
Board of Directors & Administrative Management

Board Chair – Soon Ok Cho
Secretary – Eun Hee Kim
Treasurer – Soon Ku You
Director in Charge of Marketing – Vincent Wong

Honorary Members

Soo Ja Chang
Bong Yim Lim
In Hee Ryu


Artistic/Executive Director – Mi Young Kim Arts
Supporting Director– Minseo Kim
Operational Director – Jiyoun Sung
Assistant Instructor – Jieun Yang

Core Team

Jyunyoung Lee(Kayageum Player)
Juhee Lee
Songyi Ju
Youngsoon Chang
Eunhee Kim
Mijung Yang
Bokyoung Jung
Sunhwa Kim
A Young Na