(L) Group shaman dance; (R) Mi Young Kim in another shaman costume

Shaman Traditional Dance

Shaman, or mudang, is a self–elected specialist (usually female) with no central authority or doctrine who intercedes with the spirit world on behalf of the earth. The shaman is also viewed as a prophetess, healer, artist and entertainer. Shamans are allowed to adhere to other religions and as a result, shamanism shares strong links to Buddhism. Despite official disapproval under the Yi dynasty (1392–1910), shamanism influenced courtly music and dance, where traditional movements sought to reach a state of trance, such as hopping and stepping, walking back and forth in a circular pattern, and rising on toes.
This video is from the 2001 Celebrating Choom performance and shows a traditional shaman dance. View more videos >
This video is from the 2003 SooRyu Dance Festival and shows a shamanistic ritual dance. Learn more about the SooRyu Dance Festival > View more videos >
(L) Mi Young Kim in shaman costume; (R) Group shaman dance with fans