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The Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada (KDSSC) is a creative dance organization that honours Korean tradition and culture while collaborating across cultures and generations.

We provide a supportive home for professional dancers, pre–professional dance students and dedicated amateurs as we seek to unite all Canadian cultures through the art and practice of dance. Our website gives an introduction to the history of traditional Korean Dance and provides information on the company’s background; past and upcoming performances and events; basic and professional training programs; and a range of photos and videos for you to view.

Korean Dance at the 2014 CNE!

KDSSC will present Korean Dance and Music performances at the 2014 Canadian National Exhibition on Sat, August 30 2014 at 4:30! Please enjoy lively photoes/vidoes at our Facebook KDSSC Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kdssc/ KDSSC at the 2014 CNE

Healthy Korean Movements for Seniors!

KDSSC offers seniors two classes - Korean dance and Janggo drum, inspired by the incredible benefits of Korean dance and drum. Each focuses on the physical exercises for improving the cardio-respiratory system and key muscle groups used in basic Korean dance and drum.

Who: any seniors, especially beginners (65+)
Each 15 hours (lessons, rehearsals, concert) ; 15 seniors
1. Senior Korean dance class (to learn about breathing, whole body movements, steps)
Sept 2, 7: Tue 10am-12 (2hr) HUB community Centre (540 Finch Ave West, Toronto M2R 1N7)
Sept17~ :Wednesdays 11-12 North York Seniors Centre (80 Sheppard Ave West, Toronto M2N 1M2) Seniors Community Project
2. Senior Janggo drum class (to learn about breathing, upper body movements, shoulder while playing Janggo and singing popular songs)
Sept 4~ Thursdays @Korean Culture Centre (1133 Leslie St, Toronto)

To register the senior classes, please contact us at kdance@KoreanDance.net, 416-443-9329.
This senior project is funded by the government of Ontario, SCG2013-1730.

Fall/Winter in 2014

KDSSC will be artistically active in the Fall/Winter 2014 to present Korea Dance and music performances as well as to create a new Canada Arirang work.
Korean Harvest Festival in Toronto on Sat, September 6
Korea's Day in Montreal on Thursday, September 18 KDSSC 2014 in Montreal
Culture Days Events on Sat, September 27 at the TPL Beaches Branch and Korean Cultural Centre
Open House Event at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on Sunday, Sept 28
The 8th Soo Ryu Dance Festival featuring the new work "Canada Arirang"

2014-15 Auditions for the Professional Training Program!

KDSSC's auditions have been scheduled for the Professional Training Program in Korean Dance and Music at the Soo Ryu Dance School in August 2014 and February 2015! However, please visit or contact us anytime.
Where: KDSSC Studio

2014 Summer Program for Professional, Adult, Youth, and Children!

KDSSC offers Korean Dance and Music Program via Soo Ryu Dance School this summer !
Title: 2014 Summer Program for Professioal Dancers
Course1:Salpuri, Jinseo Chum, Jindo Buk Chum
Course2:Jang–go, O-go-mu, Buk
Special Project for making a choreographic work
When: July 7 - Aug 16, 2014
Where: KDSSC Studio, 1133 Leslie St., Toronto (Korean Culture Centre)

Title: 2014 Summer Program for Adult, Youth and Children
Class : Korean dance, Music, Drum (a regular class (10–class/term), walk–in class, private) KDSSC 2014

More information at 416–443–9329 kdance@koreandance.net. Thank you for your time and interest!
Thank you! Merci! 感 謝!

Korean Dance On the International Day!

KDSSC hosts Korean Dance Spring Event on the International Day!
Title: The Way Together
Korean Dance & Poetry Reading
Free Admission
When: April 29, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Studio 5A at the Canada's National Ballet School KDSSC 2014

Asian Heritage Month Event !

KDSSC will present Korean Dance Performances to celebrate the Asian Heritage Month in May.

Title: Asian Dance - Korean Dance Performance at School

Beautiful Korean Fan Dance & Korean Drum Dance Janggo Chum (hourglass-shaped drum dance)
Venue: Harwood Public School (Toronto)
Date: Friday May 2, 2014

Title:Traditional Korean Dance Performance

Solo Fan Dance & Janggo Chum (hourglass-shaped drum dance)
Venue: Rough Wood Community Centre (Richmond Hill)
Date: Saturday May 3, 2014

Title: Children's Creative Korean Dance

1. Little Bride & Groom
2. Korean Fan Dance, 'BuChae Chum'
Date: May 4 Sunday, 2014
Venue: Splendid China Town (Scarborough)

Workshops: Korean Wedding Dance & more!

Title: Workshops for Traditional Wedding Dance & Jinseo Chum

Free Admission
When: May 8, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Studio 5C, Canada's National Ballet School KDSSC 2014

Title: CIBC Asian Heritage Event

Korean Fan Dance Performance
When: May 15, 2014 at 5-7:00pm
Venue: 199 Bay street, Commence Court West, 56th Floor

Our Latest News: 2013 Fall/Winter

Registration for the Professional Training Program at the Soo Ryu School of Dance

The school registration is open for the 2014 Art Training Program. Students are always more than welcome to continue improving their technical skills. Thank you for your registration to take a course to learn Korean Dance this school year. Please click here for on–line registration.

Course Registration for 2014 Soo Ryu School of Dance

Course1:1A Korean Dance ( fundamental movement), 1B Fan Dance
Course2:2A jang–go (folk song & basic rhythms), 2B (advanced Seol–jang–go)
Course3:3A o–go–mu (5 drum dance), 3B Private Lesson, 3C Sat/Sun class

Term: Fall(Sept.23–Dec8), Winter (2014, Jan.6–Mar12), Spring (2014, Mar16–May28)
Class : a regular class (10–class/term), walk–in class, Private, Special,
Time: Weekly(Mon–Fri)– 10:30am, 11:45am; Weekly PM (Mon/Wed)– 5, 6pm; Sat/Sun 9am–, Sat, Private, Special

Fee : $180/term, Senior (10% off), $20 each (walk–in class), Private,
Where: KDSSC Studio, 1133 Leslie St. Toronto
Special "Back to School Event : 10% off if the registration have completed by September 13, 2013.

Please let us know at 416–443–9329 kdance@koreandance.net, if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and interest!
Thank you! Merci! 感 謝!

Please click here for on–line registration, or please feel free to contact at kdance@koreandance.net.

2013–14 Soo Ryu School of Dance: 수강신청

>새학기 프로그램
.....1. 한국무용: 기본동작반 및 부채춤반;
.....2. 장고: 장고 A반–우리가락 장단 배우기; 장고 B반:설장고 배우기
.....3. 특별수업 : 오고무반, 개인레슨, 그룹, 주말특별반

>언제: 9월 23일 2013 – 5월 28일, 2014
>학기: 각 10회수업 [ 가을학기(9.23~12.9), 겨울(1.6~3.12), 봄(3.24~5.28) ]
>시간: 평일(월–금)오전반 10:30am, 11:45am; 월/수요일 오후반 5pm, 6pm; 토요일 9am–, 개인레슨

>수강료: 학기당 $180 (10회 수업), Walk–in class $20/회, 시니어10%할인
>수업장소: 캐나다한국무용연구회 무용실 (1133 Leslie St. Toronto)
>특별혜택 “Back to School Event”: 9월13일까지 일반 수강등록 완료시 10% 할인

지금 바로 새학기 온라인 수강신청 하기.

The Soo Ryu School of Dance provides professional training program to professional dance students. The school at KDSSC is the only school in Canada to offer traditional Korean dance and drum training program funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage’s National Arts Training Fund Program. Click here for more information on Professional Training Program, or all classes at Soo Ryu School of Dance.

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


The Korean Dance Studies society of Canada (KDSSC) is a not-for-profit organization in Toronto, founded by Mi Young Kim.

History of Korean Dance

Korean Dance focuses on the internal expression and metaphysical joy and ecstasy.

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